ANAMORFICA is dedicated to cross fertilizing disciplines and to pushing boundaries between sensed space, graphics and new media. 

Our aim is producing seamless projects from the concept level to their realization while looking for challening norms.

If you want to learn more about us and discuss on new ideas please contact us.

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Marilena Georgantzi (b. 1987, Athens) is an artist and set designer focusing on the concept of atmospheres, world building of synthetic storyworlds and digital crafts. Her practice lies in cross-pollination of digital technologies, e-textiles, traditional handcrafts and site-specificity, aiming to immerse people in intertextual, non-linear environments. Originally trained as an architect (NTUA, 2010) with a specialization in new media and digital fabrication methodologies (IAAC, 2012) as well as a graphic designer (HOU, 2020), she explores emerging narratives that evolve in time and space. She has designed sets for dance productions, films as well as commercial events (ex. 442, Onassis Stegi 2021 etc.) and has been selected for her curatorial proposals and interactive art projects in prestigious festivals and exhibitions in Europe (ex. Hybrids, OCC Athens & Ars Electronica 2016 etc.). She holds interactive media workshops, where the importance of women labour and traditional craftsmanship is highlighted (ADAF 2021, 2020, 2017 etc.).

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HAUNT ME, artistic & interative installation, in PALIMPSEST an invisible museum spread in the centre of Ioannina, based on local oral stories as a part of an interactive outdoor museum, Curators Xenophon Bitsikas, Polyxeni Mantzou

Project supported by the European Regional Development Fund, 2020

Memory Overlay wearable interactive prototype with new media artist Afroditi Psarra, at Hybrids: On the borderline between Art and Technology, exhibition at Onassis Cultural Centre by OCC & Ars Electronica, 2017, Curator Manuela Naveau

Space.Event.Move., 3d visual and concept text, in MC REDUX, concepts for Maison Crystal, Curators K&K Architects, 50th edition of DIMITRIA Festival, 2015

London Festival of Architecture 2014, Deputy Director, Moira Lascelles, TEAZen, shortlisted interactive prototype with Alessia Girardi, 2014

IMPAKT Festival 2014 in Utrecht, 1 of 5 shortlisted, Curatorial Proposal Competition on soft machines titled “SOFT IN PROGRESS” with Nota Tsekoura, 2014

Winning Entry, Installation “…In and out of the fortress” for the Parallel Events Venue, Chania Crete, 2013


Ambassador of shemakes_eu Horizon 2020 project, selected to represent the values and activities of shemakes which aims to empower future female innovators of the sustainable
fashion industry through inspiration, skills, networks.

Participating in research and evaluating tasks. Selected to travel for tutoring the activities “Gender Futures” and “Gender Visions” to Center for Circular Design, UAL, London with Sanne Visser.


Consultant in POP MACHINA Horizon 2020 project, which focuses on environmental sustainability, circular economy and the maker movement, as a maker champion and city’s representative, receiving training from IAAC Barcelona, the Pop Machina Business Accelarator and as a consultant, tutor and mentor of the Piraeus Municipality Makers Lab.



“Playable Sound. Hauntology in Bioshock, a Video Game for a lost future.”

co-authored with Polyxeni Mantzou,  4th International Ambiances Network Congress, entitled “Ambiances, Alloaesthesia: Senses, Inventions, Worlds”, 2020


Window Design for Yannis Sergakis Flaghsip store and Paris pop up store in Le Bon Marché, Nov 2022-January 2023 with Athina Pavlou Benazi

Set Design for the online game of WHAT’S UP, Cosmote mobile network operator, KISS THE FROG production company, SOCIAL LAB agency

Mölnlycke M.O.I.S.T. conference, Athens, October 2022, set design and booth design with SOCIAL LAB agency

“Bouboulina Untold”, director Ourania Papanikolaou, On Off Festival 2022, Epi Kolono Theatre

video clip “The rapture” by Fotis Siotas, director Dimitris Zivopoulos, United We Fly production company, 2021

“442, or a game without score” by StereoNeroDanceCo, Festival of New Choreographers 8, Onassis Stegi, central stage, 2021

“KWAIDAN” by StereoNeroDanceCo, Arc for Dance Festival, production funded by the Hellenic Ministry Of Culture and Sports, 2020

360 Events Company, set designer for events, AIA workshop 2020 (winning entry in private competition), AIA Hackathon 2019 (winning entry in private competition), OPAP events, 3E Hellas events, 2019

“Vocal Passions” by StereoNeroDanceCo,
participation in Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2019

“Dalga” full length version by StereoNeroDanceCo, space modification of a reception center, production funded by the Hellenic Ministry Of Culture and Sports,n  2018 

“Dalga” by StereoNeroDanceCo, Arc for Dance Festival, production funded by the Hellenic Ministry Of Culture and Sports, 2017

“Beyond Collapse” by StereoNeroDanceCo, HAUTSCENE festival, 2017

Set Designer, commercial for brands

Cyta Vodafone Cyprus 2022


Assistant Set Designer, “Voices in Deep” feature film, director Jason Raftopoulos, Arcadia production company alongside Australia’s Exile Entertainment, 2021

Assistant Set Designer, “Super” short film, director Nikos Kouloglou, Modiano TopCut 2021

Assistant Set Designer, multiple commercials for brands ex. Everyday, Violife, Plaisio Stores, LIDL Hellas, Septona etc, 2021



GENDER FUTURES, CCD, UAL, in the framework of shemakes HORIZON 2020, 3h workshop on speculative design with Graduate Diploma Textile Design UAL students, 2022

GENDER VISIONS, CCD, UAL, in the framework of shemakes HORIZON 2020, 3h workshop with leading female researchers and practitioner in the textile field, with Sanne Visser, 2022

BRIGHT ORIGAMI, 3h workshop on origami art and flexible circuits, ADAF online, with Daphne Arnellou, 2021

GREEN BATTERY, 3h workshop on sustainability, biomaterials and circularity, ADAF online, with Daphne Arnellou, 2021

TECHNO ARMOR, 6h workshop on speculative design, world building and wearable technologies, with Daphne Arnellou, 2020

INTERACTIVE TEXTILES, 8h workshop for 6th grade students on conductuve textile materials and soft interfaces, organised by LOCUS Athens, supported by Ministry of Culture and Sports

WEAR A SENTIMENT, 3h workshop on soft embodied interfaces and memories, ADAF, with Evi Souli, 2017

WEARABLE NARRATIVES, 12h workshop on story telling, performance and wearable technlogies, in the framework of the exhibition HYBRIDS: On the borderline between Art and Technology,  by the Onassis Stegi in collaboration with Ars Electronica, with Afroditi Psarra and Evi Souli, 2016


A&M Architects, Architect & Interior Architect, 2016-2019, Main Projects, SPACES by IWG Co-Working Spaces Ermou, Solonos, Green Plaza, Bucharest, Gold Award on Interior Design Awards 2020
OPAP HQs Detail Design & Building Permit (constructed), PepsiCO Athens Offices Concept Design (winning entry), Renovation of Facades & Landscape of Property of a Real Estate investement company in Athens (restricted material, winning entry)

A31 Architecture & Construction, Architect, 2015-2016, Main Projects,
Dove Mykonos Resort Developement

AA-Associates Architects & Engineers, Architect, 2013, “OXIA” island development

MATTEO CAINER ARCHITECTS, Architectural Assistant, 2013, Apartment and Retail Interior Design


School of Applied Arts, Master in Graphic Design & Multimedia Art
dissertation on “Atmospheres and Video Games”, 10/10

Master in Advanced Architecture, Digital Tectonics,
funded by the states scholarship foundation of Greece,
thesis on 3D printing with concrete in 1:1 scale

Diploma in Architecture, Greece, GPA: 8.87/10,

14th among 176 graduates of the year 2010, diploma project “Shelter for abused Women in Drapetsona”

Erasmus program, funded by the states scholarship foundation of Greece.

Participation in two workshops organised by ENSA Paris La Villette and Belleville,
ephemeral land art & on site construction with recycled materials.


My research focuses on the concept of atmospheres, world building of synthetic storyworlds and digital crafts. I create set designs, installations, digital and physical artefacts revealing fictional narratives that aim to underline aspects of female identities
and critically rethink the past. I adopt a speculative approach where the characteristics of fragments as well as the nature of
memory is explored.
Memory interests me as expressed through nostalgia. In dissecting nostalgic perceptions of the past I can reposition the omitted female experience among the collective memory while drawing juxtapositions with the spatial and not temporal aspect of
computer memory. I also incorporate ideas of hauntology by using symbols and familiar images associated with a persistent and
recyclable past.
My practice aims to extend on ways of world building while working on the character of its inhabitants, human and non-humans
alike. Building “what if” scenarios allow for multiple reads of the past and the present revealing new opportunities for the future.
Originally trained as an architect and graphic designer, perception of space, site-specificity and typography always informs my
practice. The temporal, spatial and linguistic relationships weave newborn narratives whose theoritical framework is based on
video games design, feminist studies and sci-fi reads. These are materialized through embroidery, e-textile interfaces, use of
everyday objects and the internet tradition.
Through my artworks, publications and workshops, the importance of women labor is highlighted, revaluing the importance of
craft as means of expressing their identity in a creative ecosystem