Gender Futures” was a 3h speculative design research workshop that too place in The Centre for Circular Design, University of the Arts London in Chelsea.

The workshop aimed to explore the concept of gender and its manifestation through clothes applying the principles of world building. Its agenda aimed to raise awareness on gender biases and empower self expression and personal vision, empower femininities to express their visions and open up the discussion on the system of clothing.
Introducing the participants (textile grad students) to the methodology of world building and speculative design led to interesting observations on how shifting preconceptions on gender would alter society, industry and consumption standards. Questions like how clothing reflects gender and vice versa and how clothes expose us or keep us safe fed a lengthy open discussion.

with the support of Sanne Visser, PHD Candidate CCD, UAL

in the framework of She Makes, Horizon 2020 program

The program was supported by She Makes Horizon 2020, UAL & REDU Romania