Fossils, Installation, linocut print, silk print, embroidery, 2023


Digging, Exploding, Floating


Currently under Devellopment, 2021


“History is one way of telling stories, just like myth, fiction, or oral storytelling. But over the last hundred years, history has preempted the other forms of storytelling because of its claim to absolute, objective truth. Trying to be scientists, historians stood outside of history and told the story of how it was. All that has changed radically over the last twenty years. Historians now laugh at the pretense of objective truth. They agree that every age has its own history, and if there is any objective truth, we can’t reach it with words. History is not a science, it’s an art.”

Talking on the Water: Conversations about Nature and Creativity,

Ursula Le Guin

Digital Drawing, 2021

The archaeologist seems to be digging in the past, trying to complete a puzzle, literally and metaphorically. Material collectibles allow for reassurance, nothing is lost, nothing will be forgotten, everything is in constant movement. The digital explorer is off to this journey where history is made and rewritten every moment. Accumulation and archiving of information helps the explorer to gain control over the world, empowers them, and opens new thinking paths through post analysis. The narrative is in their hands to write.

However, fossils existed before they were found, without being seen by humans, their secret lives were roaring even though they seemed quite motionless. After excavating and dusting off a fossil do you become friends? Are you allies? Are you just a capturer with a new hostage? These fossils, are they remnants of the past world or the inhabitants of the present? Is the explorer examining them or do they stare back at them? Are they part of the material world or tokenized in a seamless mixed reality to come?

FOSSILS is a project narrating the story of an explorer aiming to archive their findings of geological interest in the Anthropocenic landscape. However, through encountering the archival content questions on humanity, non-humanity, authenticity, replication, objectivity, animism and monetizing are risen.