Wearable Narratives was an experiential learning workshop for young people between 12 and 17 years old with the aim of getting acquainted with digital technologies through in-house construction and performance. Within four three-hour sessions, participants had the opportunity to learn about new technologies and materials that they will experiment with to create personal narratives that draw inspiration from their daily lives and experiment with expanding their body through digital technology creating interactive performances.

The participants shared a special personal experience drawn from their daily life and analyzed it through different means of expression. The individual narration was the basis of an abstract and mediated theatrical narration. The basic concepts that emerged from the narrative were “embedded” in “smart” clothes.

Taking inspiration from the knitting of a fabric – like an active net and like a second skin, Wearable Narratives aimed to reframe the principles of document theatre and improvisation. The theatrical process was transcribed in a multimedia environment using handmade wearable electronics. Participants created a final performance through the guidance of the instructors. The combination of crafts with digital technologies aimed to provide a new set of skills that would enhance creative thinking.

As Part of the HYBRIDS exhbition in Onassis Stegi in collaboration with ARS ELECTRONICA

with Afroditi Psarra, New Media Artist

& Evi Souli, Choreographer