As part of the “TechNOTech”, an educational program designed especially for the pupils of the 2nd Primary School of Tavros in collaboration with artists, musicians, performers and architects as part of the Locus outreach program in Tavros neighborhood.

Interactive textiles was a 4 X 2-hour session workshop for 6th grade students. In this workshop, children were introduced to new materials, stiching and the ability to create “smart” wearable prototypes. Combining traditional sewing techniques and conductive materials they explored the body as a control interface.
Students experimented with conductors and insulators, electrical sources, switches of various kinds and connections, through examples and where introducd to the basic concepts of programming.

Main concept of this type of workshops is to encourage people to become inventors and not conceive technologal artifacts as too complicated or even alienating for them while highlighting the importance of craftmanship challenging the idea that working with textiles is a feminine labour.

with Daphne Arnellou, Architect & Researcher N.T.U.A.

Organised by Locus Athens as a part of their agend of community projects in Tavros Athens

Photos by Dimitris Parthimos

The program was supported by The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Outset Contemporary Art Fund Greece