3D Visual, 2014


London represents a multifaceted capital in constant proress. In that environment, we choose to focus on a ritual which is one of the most traditional milestones of the British culture, the TEATIME. Tea even thouh is a simple hot drink, it manages to interrupt the chaotic city rythms offering a desirable pause. 

At the same time, the TEA TIME offers the rare opportunity to introduce people to the idea of slowing down and socializing since this forms the strongest base of a capital. For that reason, TEAZen is a moving unit resembling a familiar kiosk which serves free tea to passers by, calling them to stop and talk. 

TEAZen introduces the idea of a 4D space were time is as important as the haptic, sonic and visual environment that surrounds us. Visitors measure the physical space and force and generate a virtual personal and custom space. The passers by are asked to take part in the drinking break, they interact, they pull their cups and throuh theses actions the necesseary input data are collected for the digital process. This process generates a library of music tracks customised to each listener throuh an algorithm.

Selected Proposal for London Festival of Architecture, 2014

with Alessia Girardi, Architect Politecnico di Milano