This was a 2-session workshop focusing on costume design and wearable technology. A future world, flourishing from today’s seeds, is hosting the techno-tribe. In the past, specific clothes could guide one to distinguish different tribes, social stratification, material availability and cultural customs.

Wearables operating in the intersection of traditional crafts, interactive technology and new materials can serve as a new paradigm on how our bodies can be extended through clothes and apparatuses to face the future conditions of this world. If we consider that traditional craftsmanship was used in order to document and signal important moments of our lives, how can we apply emerging hybrid forms of craftsmanship in order to create new armors?
During the online sessions participants will be introduced to wearable technology milestones, innovative materials, speculative design and world building principles in order to conduct a thought experiment on the body shields of tomorrow.

with Daphne Arnellou, Architect & Researcher N.T.U.A.

for ADAF 2020 online edition