In the backyard of her house, next to a spread out laundry of white clothes, Laskarina talks about her loves, moments of loss and her love for the sea in a confessional mood. A story for all the hitherto untold reasons that make her a symbol of feminism and defiance long before her involvement in the Revolutionary Struggle.

On Off Festival, Epi Kolono Theatre, Too Soon Theatre Company, 2022

Directed by: Ourania Papanikolaou
Play Writer: Michalis Darnakis
Set Design: Marilena Georgantzi
Lighting Design: Giorgos Kassakos
Video Projection Design: Athina Pavlou Benazis
Production Assistant: Elli Raftopoulou
Actors:  Michalis Darnakis, Anastasia Revi

Set Design, 2022