A solo performance by the contemporary dance group Stereo Nero, dramatizing the passions of womanhood on stage.

A one-woman show giving answers to social and personal questions in an non-patronizing manner.

An underground Madonna attempting to find out how she ended up being subservient to rules and trapped into oppressive structures.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2019
At Second Skin Club

Choreography: Evi Souli
Assistant Choreographer: Katerina Foti
Music: Jan Van de Engel
Performer: Katerina Foti
Set Design: Marilena Georgantzi
Costumes: 2WO+1NE=2
Dramatourgy: Tzina Stavroulaki, Yolika Poulopoulou
Light design: Marietta Pavlaki
Photos: Stephie Grape
Graphic Design: Yorgos Zartaloudis

Set Design, 2019

Initial Concept Sketch