Her thoughts were maybe fragmented and she was always afraid that she wouldn’t be uderstood.


Οι σκέψεις της ήταν ίσως κατακερματισμένες και πάντα φοβόταν ότι δεν θα την καταλάβουν.

Original Text, Graphic and Layout Design by the artist

“ALL THAT SHE WANTED TO SAY” is a collection of fragmented statements for a fictional female character, displayed through screenshots from the google translate service in the mode of converting english language to greek. Moments of the life of the female digital persona are posted daily since the beginning of 2022 on the in-app feature “stories” of an instagram account which allows for the screenshot to disappear after a day of exposure. A series of fanzines are designed in order to reassemble her shattered personal story as well as this Tumblr where screenshots are archived. Screenshots are manipulated adding glitches and ordered in a linear but still fragmented way. “ALL THAT SHE WANTED TO SAY” is an empowering storytelling through a distorting lens, underlining the often silenced female experience. The fragmented form of storytelling disrupts the notion of “master narratives” turning Google translate into a template that offers space to discuss hidden realities. An audio piece has been created using and modifying Google translate digital voice. The aforementioned piece was broadcasted on Mushroom Radio,The Hague on the Radio Event Feminst Frequencies, 9th of March 2022.


broadcasted as part of the Feminist Frequencies Program,

modified Google translator modified voices narrating the texts

9th of March 2022

Mushroom Radio, KABK The Hague Radio

zine Vol 1 : dim 14,8x105cm

zine Vol 2 : dim 15,8x105cm

zine Vol 3 : dim 16,8x105cm

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