“Wear a sentiment”, as part of the EMBODIED MEMORIES research,is a workshop led by Marilena Georgantzi and Evi Souli which aimed to explore playfully a series of questions.

What happens when children share their sentiments in spoken words? How they express these using their augmented bodies as interfaces? How they encode these through light and sound? What effect has this on their interaction? On ideas of their subjectivity?

During the workshop “Wear a sentiment”, participants got in touch with interactive technology and the magic of performance art. Inspired by the way they communicate their feelings either on a personal level or through technology, paricipants explored new materials, got acquainted with improvised circuits and reconsidered clothes, as an extension of the body and wearable interfaces.

for ages 9-12

with Evi Souli, Choreographer


As Part of the ADAF 2017