On Site Photos, 2018

This production has as a main concept a strong desire, often unfulfilled, a passionate love. The expression, the externalization of an emotion that comes as a wave to shake our inner world. A dance that is reminiscent of our personal history, our collective memory, death, love. It is about a lonely dance that sometimes lustfully and sometimes with minimal movements tries to become a statement. It is about a public confession, accompanied by folk music in a folk dance hall.

‘DALGA’ took place in a historical dance hall in the middle of Athens. A new arrangement was designed for the spectators allowing them to emerge into the choreography while at the same time being observers.
The action penetrates the crowd through the linear table-2nd stage, reminiscent of habits in the greek night life.

Funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, 2018

On Site Performance, Chalkais Palace

Choreography: Evi Souli
Assistant Choreographer: Katerina Foti
Music: Jan Van de Engel
Dancers: Katerina Foti, Ilias Hatzigeorgiou, Margarita trika, Dimokritos Sifakis
Scenography: Marilena Georgantzi
Costumes: Angeliki Kotroni
Dramatourgy: Yolika Poulopoulou
Light design: Marietta Pavlaki
Photos: Stephie Grape
Graphic Design: Yorgos Zartaloudis

Set Design, 2018