The concept that people connect through their problems led to this story where an unknown man offers everyday a flower to this woman. Hidden in her castle among all these flowers, she suddenly decides to meet him.

Music: Fotis Siotas

Lyrics: Thodoris Gkonis

Director: Demetris Zivopoulos

DOP: Demetris Zivopoulos

Script: Konstantinos Zerganos-Kazoleas,

Demetris Zivopoulos

Starring Maria Chanou, Fotis Siotas

Production: Athina Alexiadou

Set Design: Marilena Georgantzi

Make up, Stylist: Nefeli Tsigeli

Colouring: George Kolios-Chirogiannis

1stAC: Koralia Dogani

Production Assistants: George

Christodoulakos, Rigas Dionisopoulos

United We Fly, 2021

Production Design, 2021

Backstage photos from the video clip for the latest track of Fotis Siotas

by Konstantinos Zirganos Kazoleas, 2021