Performance photos, 2016

A group of young people tries to build their own utopia, without knowing that their efforts take place under circumstances extremely controlled. Will they find a way, or are they trapped in a strictly tainted environment?

Beyond Collapse poses several questions. What does utopia consist of? Is it a memory, or is it a desire for a better future? Is it possible to create a collective hope for a new world with the codes, movements, materials, and symbols of today’s society?

Athens Synchrono Theatre, 2016

Copenhagen, Young Choreographers Festival, 2017

Choreography: Evi Souli
Music: Pavlos Pavlidis
Dancers: Katerina Foti, Christiana Kosiari, Maro Stavrinou, Maria Paschalidou, Giorgos Siorras Deligiannis
Scenography: Marilena Georgantzi
Costumes: Angeliki Kotroni
Dramatourgy: Panos Topsidis
Light design: Panagiotis Manousis
Photos: Theodora Ziaraga, Stephie Grape
Graphic Design: Marilena Georgantzi

Set Design & Graphic Design, 2016