Rethiking on Maison Crystal

Maison Crystal having a sequence of columns that refer to an ancient temple, is characterized by a linearity that negates the gathering of people as well as prioritises its facade. It is conceived for little breaks facing the sea. This building receives flows of people from the street, divides them and pushes them outwards, resulting in a building not at all introverted but at the same time not an extrovert one. There is no reason that constructions should be limited by predefined uses. If there is no convergence of ideas and interests let there be plurality, and this is not stated out of indecision.

Movement is liberated, the roof is removed, soft sails welcome those who gaze at the sky, platforms support those who enjoy the sea and the space is now united, waiting for surprising ideas to be brought to life by the residents.

*Inspired by Bernard Tschumi


50th Edition Dimitria Festival


K&K Architects


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